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Friday, 18 November 2016

Doctor Who Christmas Sneak Peak in Full - Via Children in Need

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Fridays Whovian Extras (18th November)

Petrified Forest by Harnois75
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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Thursdays Whovian Extras (17th November)

Tenth Doctor - Doctor Who by DazzioN
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Steven Moffat doesn’t think he’ll write any more Doctor Who

He’s headed up the Doctor Who creative team since taking over from Russell T Davies in 2010, but when lead writer Stephen Moffat departs the show after series 10 next spring, he reckons it will be for good.

Speaking to students at the Oxford Union last week, Moffat said, “I think as much as I hate to concede it and I’d like to have Russell write for me, this is probably it for me – once I’m done, I’m done.”

Although he loves the show, he said, “I've written a hell of a lot of Doctor Who. I've written more Doctor Who than anything else, and I've written more Doctor Who than anyone else has ever written. It feels as though, in my limited time on this Earth, I really should start focusing on something else. It’s not that I’ve lost love for the show at all, but I think it’s time for Doctor Who to have something new, as well as me.”

Moffat has been a Doctor Who fan since his childhood, and has been writing short stories and episodes of the space traveller’s adventures since 1995. His first contribution to the 2005 reboot of the show was the haunting ‘Empty Child’ two-part story, in which a child with a gas mask repeatedly asks Ecclestone’s Doctor “are you my mummy?”

But it wasn’t until 2010 that he became showrunner, involved in the casting of Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor and then Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth.

Moffat conceded that he tried hard to persuade Davies to continue writing for the series after his departure, telling students that he was “so close…we had storylines and everything”, but that workload proved too much for his predecessor, who since leaving has been involved in Channel 4 and E4 series Cucumber and Banana and the BBC’s adaptation of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Moffat will also be kept busy upon his departure with his BBC series Sherlock expected to continue into a fifth series – but first, he’s got a Christmas Day Doctor Who special and a final series airing this spring. When asked what viewers could expect from his swansong episodes next year, he told students that “the Doctor will reliably save the day, there will be vague speeches, there will be an epic amount of urgent standing, and you will fall in love with Pearl Mackie”.

But first, Christmas – and, according to Moffat, it’s one of those episodes where everything just fell into place. “Some days, it’s quite lucky. Everything seems to work and you think 'this episode is a cracker'. I slightly feel that about the Christmas Doctor Who, I think it's one of the ones where everything just seemed to click into place.”

And despite coming to the end of his role at Doctor Who, his second BBC commitment looms large. So who would win in a battle between Sherlock and the Doctor?

“In the case of that slight improbable event, I suppose the Doctor would be better. But, you know, Superman would be pretty good, too.”

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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

The 2017 Series… Returning Writers, Cast Updates and More!

Next year’s series of Doctor Who has reached its fourth recording block, with Episodes 5 and 9 going shooting in Cardiff during November. The BBC Wales production team has revealed to DWM some exclusive news about these two episodes.

The writer for Episode 5 is Jamie Mathieson, who has previously written three episodes of Doctor Who: the DWM season-poll-topping Mummy on the Orient Express (2014), Flatline (2014) and (with Steven Moffat) The Girl Who Died (2015).

An excited Jamie tells DWM, “I’m back baby, and beyond stoked to be once again putting words in the mouths of the TARDIS crew. So what can I tell you? Well, my episode this year is very, very scary. Like, seriously so. ‘Let’s go behind the sofa and just stay there until it’s over’ scary. It’s got more shocks and tense scenes than anything I’ve ever written. And that’s coming from a man who once wrote an episode of My Parents Are Aliens. It’s also a taut thrill ride, a gag fest, a pitch black satire and, for the first time – [notices Steven Moffat approaching with cosh marked ‘no spoilers’] – I’m writing for Bill and Nardole!”

The guest cast for Jamie’s episode includes Kieran Bew, Justin Salinger, Peter Caulfield, Mimi Ndiweni and Karen Brayben.

Episode 9 of Doctor Who’s 2017 series is written by Rona Munro, author of the very last Doctor Who story of the show’s original 26-year run – the seminal and highly acclaimed 1989 Seventh Doctor adventure Survival. Since then, Rona has gone on to become one of the most successful writers working in the industry, with countless theatre, television and radio credits to her name.

Speaking to DWM, Rona reveals, “Writing Survival was my dream job, but it was a mournful time in the show’s history. This has been a very different experience. There’s more of everything; people, resources, confidence, success... but the same constantly renewing and indefinable wonder that is Doctor Who. When I was very small and watching the First Doctor, I had a special cushion known as ‘Rona’s Doctor Whocushion’. I would hide my face in it when the Daleks or other monsters appeared on screen! The Eaters of Light is my version of other stories that have haunted me for almost as long.”

Joining the regular cast for Rona’s episode are Rebecca Benson, Daniel Kerr, Juwon Adedokun, Brian Vernel, Ben Hunter, Aaron Phagura, Sam Adewunmi and Billy Matthews.

Once these episodes are in the can, the series reaches the mid-point of shooting, with Episodes 6, 7, 8, 10, 11 and 12 still to go before the cameras. The new series of Doctor Who – starring Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, Pearl Mackie as Bill and Matt Lucas as Nardole – will hit TV screens in spring 2017.

Via the BBC

Wednesdays Whovian Extras (16th November)

The 13th (14th) Doctor by SimmonBeresford
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Monday, 14 November 2016

Hello Tweetie... (14th November)

Doctor Who due a major shake-up as bosses aim for 'brand new show' in 2018

BBC bosses want Doctor Who to feel like “a brand new show” under incoming boss Chris Chibnall... so we can expect a whole new line-up in 2018.

Insiders say the Broadchurch writer will have a “clean slate” to start afresh for his first series – rather bad news for actress Pearl Mackie, who plays new assistant Bill in Steven Moffat’s last run, currently filming for next year.

Pearl, 29, yet to be seen by viewers, is said to have been signed on a one-year contract and is expected to depart with Peter Capaldi , 58, and Moffat after 2017’s Christmas special.

The replacement Time Lord is likely to be played by a younger actor in a bid to help boost the flagging sales of dolls, books, DVDs and toys.

Our source says: “BBC management wants a return to the format from the David Tennant era, when you had a dashing male lead and young female companion.

"Merchandising has dropped off sharply in recent years and there is a strong desire to boost the show’s popularity among kids.”

One way to do that, of course, is by returning to its traditional tea-time slot, rather than the post-Strictly position it languished in last year.

Next year’s show is expected to air in spring rather than autumn, to avoid the Saturday clash with Strictly.

Read the full article at The Mirror

Class Report for Brave-ish Heart - Episode Five

A selection of reactions, reviews and extras for the fifth episode of the Doctor Who spin-off 'Class', needless to say this contains spoilers for those of you who haven't seen it yet.

Battling through the Shadow Kin realm, April knows that there is no going back: she has to defeat Corakinus.

On Earth, the invasion of the petals is rapidly snowballing. Confronted with the threat of the planet's extinction, new headmistress Dorothea attempts to force Charlie into making a transformational decision. But Miss Quill has other ideas for him.

As Charlie, Matteusz and Tanya try to stop the petals from annihilating the human race, April must fight the terrifying force of Corakinus, light years away from home.

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Brave-ish Heart - Gallery

April (Sophie Hopkins) and Ram (Fady Elsayed).