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Friday, 11 November 2016

Hello Tweetie... (11th November)

Class: The Lost - Episode Eight Synopsis

Facing an impossible choice, our heroes must use all they’ve learnt to save Earth. But how far are they prepared to go? And will they have to pay a price?
Unable to recover from the truths they have faced, the gang has splintered. Liberated from enslavement, Quill prepares to take her revenge.

But they must reunite when the Shadow Kin return, raging a ruthless, unrelenting war.

Resolute to claim April's heart and Charlie's weapon, Corakinus threatens to kill their families until he has what he desires - and the friends must fight to prevent him.

This time, not everyone will make it out alive.

To be broadcast on Saturday 3 December after 10am

Fridays Whovian Extras (11th November)

Bill and the Doctor by RabidDog008
Whovian Miscelllany Doctor Who Misinformation Guide Part 2 - by Babelcolour Where next for #missingepisodes animations? 5 of Jon Pertwee's best 'Doctor Who' stories WhoPods on Flipboard Project Indigo Christmas Competition - Win an official Doctor Who Personalised Sign! Doctor Who Weekly Roundup on Friday, November 11, 2016 Class Report Patrick Ness introduces Brave-ish Heart: Class: Behind the Scenes - BBC Three Whovian Reviews The Gang Reviews Sonic Screwdrivers (Wave 4) | Votesaxon07 Power of the Daleks: first-look review of the Doctor Who story lost since the 60s Little Shop The Power of the Daleks [DVD] [2016] Doom Coalition

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Doctor Who Adventures Number 20 - Cover and Details

On sale Thursday 10th November, price £3.99

Winter is coming and we’ve got the perfect antidote to the cold… wrap up warm and join the Doctor in the latest issue of Doctor Who Adventures!

Andrew Cartmel and Russ Leach take us to Dacea to see the fabled snow orchids where the Doctor and Jata end up gate-crashing a Royal Wedding. Can they save the blushing bride from the clutches of the pirates who kidnap her? The perfect winter’s tale!

River Song shows you how to convert an old doll into a Weeping Angel!

It’s 50 years since the Cybermen first came to our screens and we celebrate by giving you the lowdown on the people of Mondas!

Find out about the Haemovores, the Handbots, the Hath and King Hydroflax of the Final Cluster!

Has Strax discovered a new planet?

The Paternoster Gang investigate the Howling on the Hills as we take you back in time to the Victorian Age!

Doctor Who Adventures #20 – Don’t Miss It!

Issue 20 comes with a Free set of Doctor Who playing cards!

Thursdays Whovian Extras (10 November)

The Man Who Keeps Running by IgorPorubay
Whovian Miscellany Paul McGann (8th Doctor) Interview | Votesaxon07 5 times Daleks have broken our hearts... Class Report The Big Questions: Who is loudest? - Class - BBC Three Ofsted aren't happy with Class teacher Miss Quill swearing at her pupils Save the planet - Class: Episode 5 Sneak Peek - BBC Three Whovian Reviews Doctor Who - The Power of the Daleks Animation Review REVIEW - ORDER OF THE DALEKS - Planet Mondas Whovian Products Novelisation of Douglas Adams' The Pirate Planet Coming in 2017 The Essential Doctor Who Magazine: Invasions of Earth Little Shop Doctor Who T-Shirts: 4 Doctors Band Doctor Who: The Pirate Planet

Hello Tweetie... (10th November)

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Monday, 7 November 2016

Mondays Whovian Extras (7th November)

Power of the Daleks - office by Harnois75
Whovian Miscellany Doctor Who - The Power of the Daleks Animation - Fan Trailer Doctor Who: Anneke Wills would be 'frightened' to work on show now with Peter Capaldi Doctor Who - The Daleks! - BBC One Class Report Brave-ish Heart - Class: Episode 5 Preview - BBC Three Whovian Reviews Doctor Who: The Power Of The Daleks animation review Doctor Who Reviews - Power of the Daleks - Episode One - Animated Whovian Products The Whoniverse - Doctor Who Little Shop Doctor Who: The Whoniverse Hardcover

Hello Tweetie... (7th November)

Class: The Metaphysical Engine, or What Quill Did - Episode Seven Synopsis

With the gang trapped in detention and out of the way, Miss Quill accepts Dorothea's astonishing offer: to help remove the Arn from her head, and to reclaim her freedom.

Alongside Ballon, an imprisoned shape-shifter, Miss Quill travels in a metaphysical engine and is taken to impossible, extraordinary and dangerous worlds, collecting materials in preparation for her life-changing procedure.

After an emotional encounter with her surgeon and a nearly-fatal operation, Miss Quill must find a way to return to Earth: transformed and ready for war.

To be broadcast Saturday 26 November after 10am

Class Report for Co-Owner Of A Lonely Heart - Episode Four

A selection of reactions, reviews and extras for the fourth episode of the new Doctor Who spin-off 'Class', needless to say this contains spoilers for those of you who haven't seen it yet.

Battling through the Shadow Kin realm, April knows that there is no going back: she has to defeat Corakinus. On Earth, the invasion of the petals is rapidly snowballing.

Confronted with the threat of the planet's extinction, new headmistress Dorothea attempts to force Charlie into making a transformational decision. But Miss Quill has other ideas for him.

As Charlie, Matteusz and Tanya try to stop the petals from annihilating the human race, April must fight the terrifying force of Corakinus, light years away from home.

The Trailers and Sneek Peek Class: Episode 4 Trailer - BBC Three I'm not afraid - Class: Episode 4 Sneak Peek - BBC Three Things are gonna change around: Class Trailer - BBC Three On BBC iPlayer Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart, Series 1, Class - BBC Three Class reviews Class review: episode 4 holds back too much Class episode 4 review: Co-Owner Of A Lonely Heart Doctor Who Reviews - Class Season One - Episode 4 - Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart Class - Co-owner of Lonely Heart Class - Series 1, Episode 4 Class Extras Class: Co-Owner Of A Lonely Heart - Episode Four Gallery

Cardiff's Doctor Who Experience will close next year

The Doctor Who Experience is to close next summer.

Yes, you read that right. BBC Worldwide have confirmed that "the Doctor Who Experience has enjoyed a fantastic five-year run in Cardiff Bay but, sadly, our five-year sub-lease from the City of Cardiff Council will come to an end in Summer 2017."

The Experience opened in Cardiff in July 2012, and quickly become the place to go for Doctor Who fans from all over the world.

The building is thought to be one of the first of its kind to be used for an exhibition centre, the frame is constructed using steel beams, with a cover stretched over the entire building giving it the appearance of a giant tent.

The award-winning attraction was refurbished in 2014 to include a newly scripted storyline starring the 12th Doctor, Peter Capaldi.

The exhibition space was also be given a refresh, with new props from Capaldi’s debut series, as well as sets and monsters from the history of the world’s longest-running sci-fi series.

Via Wales Online