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Friday, 14 October 2016

Fridays Whovian Extras (14th October)

Forest out of Time by FordPrefectWonTheBet

Today's best bits from the Whoniverse Peter Capaldi won't leave Doctor Who TARDIS made from Brontë film set brings in cash for Manorlands

It's Still A Police Box, Why Hasn't It Changed? Part Seven: Sla-a-ar! That's What They Call You...

Doctor Who does tend to lend itself to cliched - and usually inaccurate - ramblings about 'ends' of 'eras', but it's hard to know how else to describe the sixth series in 1968/69.
Series 10 & Class #NYCC Round-Up - Doctor Who: The Fan Show David Tennant will hunt for aliens on Fireman Sam Who Addicts Vlog: Dimensions 2016 Jenna Coleman says a Clara Doctor Who spin-off is "best left in the imagination" Doctor Who: The Virgin Novels #21 - The Dimension Riders by Daniel Blythe Doctor Who Weekly Roundup on Friday, October 14, 2016

Michelle Gomez Confirms Return To 'Doctor Who' For Series 10

Fans of long-running BBC sci-fi series Doctor Who can rest easy in the knowledge that beloved villain Missy, played by Michelle Gomez, will return for 2017's tenth revival series.

Gomez confirmed her inclusion in the show's next season, set to air around April next year, in an interview with The Music Brisbane editor Mitch Knox ahead of her visit to Australia for the upcoming Adelaide and Brisbane legs of Supanova Pop Culture Expo.

"Weirdly, this is the sort of crunch week where I get to find out exactly what I'm going to be doing next," she told The Music. "I can officially say that I will be starting back on Doctor Who soon, so that's one thing."

Gomez last appeared in the role as Missy — short for The Mistress, a female incarnation of the Doctor's long-time arch-enemy, the Master — in episodes one and two of series nine, The Magician's Apprentice and The Witch's Familiar.

It turns out we're lucky to be welcoming her, with the renowned screen star — who last year further widened her theatrically evil horizons with a two-episode stint on Fox's Gotham as underworld figure The Lady — keeping a packed calendar for the next several months, along with her imminent return to Doctor Who.

"There’s a few things, but at the moment they’re all just kind of balls in the air … There’s something else that I’ve created and looks like it’s hopefully going to be out there in production at some point soon," she said. "And then, yeah, coming to you guys. I can’t really see past that — that sort of takes me up to next summer, really ... I’m good for a while."

Hopefully, that may include a return to the Gotham-verse too, especially since Gomez not only enjoyed her time on set ("It was really fun," she says) but seems to have made a good impression on the show's writers too, who apparently changed their plans for her character at some stage between inception and realisation.

"Apparently they were gonna kill me," Gomez told The Music. "Originally they were gonna kill me off, and they haven't, so I'm hoping that I turn up there again soon."

The Music's full interview piece with Michelle Gomez will be published in the coming days.

Doctor Who's Christmas Special is set to air on 25 December, returning for its 10th season in 2017.

Supanova Pop Culture Expo will be held at Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre from 11-13 November, and Adelaide Showground from 18-20 November.

Via The Music

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Class: Introducing Ram and April

Fady Elsayed and Patrick Ness introduce Ramesh, the school's football star.

Sophie Hopkins and Patrick Ness introduce April, the school's 'try-hard'.

Wednesdays Whovian Extras (12th October)

Exterminate! by LissVelaskes

Today's peek into the Whoniverse The Power of the Daleks: New trailer The Power of the Daleks - Character pre-production artwork The Power of the Daleks to be shown in US cinemas The Power of the Daleks [DVD] [2016] Former Doctor Who Peter Davison On His New Book And Legacy | Good Morning Britain Doctor Who star Peter Davison steps into the talkRADIO Tardis for a chat about his career Is There Life Outside the Box?: An Actor Despair Class: Doctor Who Spin-Off Producer Says Don't Expect Monsters of the Week - NYCC 2016 Doctor Who Reviews - Short Trips - A Full Life (Big Finish) 'Doctor Who' reviews round-up: Autumn re-releases from Big Finish 'Doctor Who' spin-off 'The War Doctor' Volume 3 review: 'Agents of Chaos' Doctor Who: The Virgin Novels #19 - Blood Heat by Jim Mortimore

Hello Tweetie.... 12th October

Class: Introducing Tanya


Vivian Oparah and Patrick Ness introduce Tanya, the youngest but brainiest of the group.

The Power of the Daleks to premiere on BBC America

The Power of the Daleks will premiere on BBC America on Saturday, November 19, at 8:25/7:25c

The Power of the Daleks is one of the most celebrated Doctor Who adventures, and yet no complete film recordings are known to have survived.

The master negatives were destroyed in an archive purge in 1974. This brand new animation, being released 50 years after its only UK broadcast, is based on the program’s original audio recordings, surviving photographs, and film clips.

The six-part adventure features the regeneration – or as it was then called “renewal” – of First Doctor, William Hartnell, into Second Doctor, Patrick Troughton, and follows the Time Lord and his companions Polly (Anneke Wills) and Ben (Michael Craze) as they do battle with the Daleks on the planet Vulcan.

Class: Introducing Charlie

Greg Austin introduces the likeable, slightly weird and socially awkward, Charlie.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Tuesdays Whovian Extras (11th October)

Days end - Doctor Who by Doctor-No1
Today's collection from the Whoniverse Exclusive Class Merchandise - with Stuart Hardy The Villain of 'Doctor Who' Season 10 Might Be the Doctor Himself Doctor Who: The Virgin Novels #17 - Birthright by Nigel Robinson The Chimes of Midnight Vinyl Trailer - Doctor Who Good Times! #6 PanoptiCon 6 1985 Peter Davison interview: Doctor Who, naked Germans, Campion Doctor Who: The Virgin Novels #18 - Iceberg by David Banks WhoPods on Flipboard Doctor Who: Supreme Dalek and Illustrated Book: With Light and Sound

Doctor Who gets the Mr Men treatment in series of 12 BBC books

Two well-loved perennial British favourites, Doctor Who and the Mr Men, are coming together in an official mash-up inspired by online fan art.

The 12 incarnations of the Time Lord have each been given a makeover in the style of Roger Hargreaves' famous children's characters, illustrated and written by his son Adam Hargreaves, and are said to combine "the iconic storytelling of Doctor Who" with the Mr Men's "whimsical humour and design".

“There is a wealth of unofficial fan-created content online," said Alastair McHarrie, Licensing Director of Japanese gift company Sanrio. "We wanted to give something back to these supporters so we’ve created the first official Hargreaves mash-up. Who better to partner with than another classic British property, Doctor Who. We couldn’t be more excited.”

The books are a collaboration between Sanrio, BBC Worldwide and Penguin Random House publishing and are expected to "delight fans of all ages".

The first four books, featuring takes on William Hartnell's First Doctor, Tom Baker's Fourth, Matt Smith's Eleventh and Peter Capaldi's incumbent Twelfth incarnation, will be available in Spring 2017.

Via Radio Times by Paul Jones

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Sundays Whovian Extras (9th October)

Class Spin-Off Poster by tindog1
Today's selection of goodies from the Whoniverse Class - Teaser & Trailer Breakdown Does this Class picture reveal the big bad organisation behind Coal Hill School? Classic Series Writer to Contribute Script for Series 10 Doctor Who: The Virgin Novels #16 - Shadowmind by Christopher Bulis Who's Cat 39 - Mike Key Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi criticises plans to publish BBC stars' salaries Doctor Who Reviews - The Eleventh Doctor (Year Two) #9 - Running To Stay Still

A gay hero in Doctor Who spin-off Class 'shouldn't be big deal', according to the show's creator

The creator of new Doctor Who spin-off Class said the inclusion of a gay hero in the series “shouldn’t be a big deal” in 2016.

Patrick Ness has penned the BBC Three show about four students at Coal Hill Academy, the fictional London school which appeared in Doctor Who’s first episode in 1963.

The American author said the lack of gay characters in stories he read growing up inspired him to make one of the Class students, Charlie, played by Greg Austin, a homosexual.

Greg Austin
He told the Press Association: “A lot of what I write is putting in books what I wasn’t getting when I was a teenager and things I really wanted to see.
“I never saw myself in a book. I never saw myself as a lead. I never saw myself as a hero.

“It’s 2016 and it shouldn’t be a big deal. One of the ways to change the world is to act as if the world has already changed. So it isn’t a big deal because it isn’t a big deal.”

Greg, who describes his character as a “socially inept” alien, said in one scene he walks into a high school prom and “no one bats an eye that I’m walking in with a guy that’s my date”.

“That’s so lovely to see that in a show of this production value,” he added. “It was wonderful to play.”

Greg’s co-stars include Fady Elsayed, Sophie Hopkins, and Vivian Oparah, while former Coronation Street actress Katherine Kelly plays physics teacher Miss Quill. Peter Capaldi appears as the Doctor in the first episode of the spin-off.

Patrick Ness
Patrick said he was happy for the show to be screened online first on BBC Three, rather than traditional television channels.

He said: “Some of the best television today is streaming. I watch Netflix all the time. The way we eat our diet of television means people are happy to try different places – premium cable, broadcast telly, streaming – you go where stuff is.

“Look at all the chances that are being taken on streaming television as well. That’s the real pleasure.”

The first episode of Class will air on BBC Three on October 22.

Discover The Whoniverse at Forbidden Planet

GEORGE MANN and JUSTIN RICHARDS will be signing THE WHONIVERSE at the Forbidden Planet London Megastore on Thursday 27th October from 6 – 7pm.

The Whoniverse is a never-before-seen history of the Human Race – from the formation of Earth round the Racnoss eggs, and the creation of life by the destruction of the last Jagaroth spaceship, through to the eventual expansion of the sun and end of the world and beyond – to New Earth, and Utopia… Along the way, The Whoniverse also explores the untold histories of other planets and other lifeforms as they have interacted with humanity. We examine the Daleks and Cybermen, the Time Lords and the Sontarans, the Ice Warriors, Silurians, Weeping Angels, and many many more… We visit Gallifrey and Skaro, Mondas and Telos, Mars and Sontar, to explore how their histories have coincided with the Time Lords, and with our own.

With full-colour illustrations, maps, charts and photography throughout, The Whoniverse is a dramatic retelling of the uprisings, wars and battles that formed Doctor Who’s universe, and an astonishing compendium of the races that live within it. It is the definitive, essential companion to this universe, and any other.

A celebrated writer and Creative Consultant to the BBC Books range of Doctor Who books, JUSTIN RICHARDS lives and works in Warwick with his wife and two children. When he’s not writing, he can be found indulging his passion for inventing, reading and watching far too much television.

GEORGE MANN is author of the bestselling Doctor Who: Engines of War and Newbury & Hobbes steampunk mystery series, as well as numerous other novels, short stories and original audiobooks. He has edited a number of anthologies including The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction, The Solaris Book of New Fantasy and a retrospective collection of Sexton Blake stories, Sexton Blake, Detective.

Pre-order a signed copy

Doctor Who and Class Full Panels - New York Comic Con 2016

The full panel for Doctor Who with Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie, Steven Moffat, Brian Minchin, and Matt Lucas, and The full Class panel at the Theater at Madison Square Garden in NYC at New York Comic-Con 2016!