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Friday, 22 May 2015

Doctor Who: The Fan Show - The Universal Song Contest & Symphonic Spectacular!

The Universal Song Contest & Symphonic Spectacular! - Doctor Who: The Fan Show
This week we take a look at music from the world of Doctor Who, from fan orchestras to 8-bit renditions of the theme tune.

We also sent Crispy Pro to find out what he thought of the Symphonic Spectacular! Presented by Christel Dee.

Series nine penultimate episode sets up "a ludicrous challenge" says Steven Moffat

The finale of Doctor Who series nine looks set to pose a serious challenge – not just for the Doctor but for writer Steven Moffat too.

Moffat suggests he may have written himself – and presumably the Time Lord – into a tight space in the previous episode, admitting he's currently "in a state of panic" over it.

"I've got a script where I've set myself a ludicrous challenge," Moffat told interviewer Jaci Stephens during a Bafta talk in New York earlier this month. "When episode 11 comes up in the next series of Doctor Who, you'll see just how ludicrous the challenge I've set myself is. I'm in a state of panic about it."
If episode 11 does indeed form part of a story with the series finale it would lend weight to the idea that the whole of series nine could consist of two-part adventures.

We already know that it will kick-off with The Magician’s Apprentice/The Witch’s Familiar, featuring a returning Michelle Gomez as Missy, which will be immediately followed be another as yet unnamed two-parter penned by Being Human’s Toby Whithouse.

Episodes five and six, The Girl Who Died and The Woman Who Lived, come next and star Game of Thrones's Maisie Williams. And after that are two episodes both directed by Peter Harness and directed by Daniel Nettheim, suggesting they form a complete story too.

If parts 11 and 12 also come as a package, that would leave only nine and ten that we don't yet know about.
Moffat said viewers had been getting "too acquainted with the rhythm" of single episodes and that penning series eight's two-part finale Dark Water/Death in Heaven had convinced him it was time to mix things up a bit.

"Writing the first two-parter that I had done in years I just thought, ‘I’m liking this. This feels more unpredictable.’ Because you don’t know how far you’re going to get through the story…”

“The rule I’ve got is that you won’t be absolutely certain [from the story and tone] whether a show is going to be a two-parter or not," he told Doctor Who magazine. "And with each of the two-parters we’re doing, there’s a substantial difference between the two halves.”

Via The Radio Times

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Steven Moffat: At some point I'll be lured away from Doctor Who and Sherlock

Steven Moffat: At some point I'll be lured away from Doctor Who and Sherlock

As a TV writer and fanboy working on Doctor Who and Sherlock, Steven Moffat is living the dream. Which is probably why he finds it so hard to leave the shows behind...
"I keep signing on for another year all the time," Moffat said. "I haven't really figured out what I'm going to do after this."

As showrunner on Doctor Who and co-creator of Sherlock, Moffat has creative control over two of British TV's biggest and best-loved properties, yet he admits there's a part of him that yearns to do something less high profile and says there will come a day when he'll bid farewell to both the Time Lord and the detective and turn his attention to other projects.

"At some point the lure of doing something else that isn't either of those shows will be too strong – I'll have to," Moffat told interviewer Jaci Stephens during a Bafta talk in New York earlier this month.
"There are moments – and this is the most ungrateful remark you're ever gonna hear from a white straight man, this is the supremacy of privilege here – I sometimes wish everything wasn't so high profile all the time."
"Oh all the success love, it's such a pressure!" he joked.
"But in a weird way I do, and it would be nice to do a stage play that nobody saw. I know that is the most ludicrous thing to complain about..."

Fans hoping to see that play (that nobody sees) shouldn't hold their breath – Moffat is currently working on series nine of Doctor Who and has just revealed that the fourth run of Sherlock will begin filming next spring...


Tuesday, 19 May 2015

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